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Boss loves to email things out repeatedly, but never bothers to read anything she gets. Today she just sent out a form insisting we fill... Read more →


Candle Crisis

For Christmas, T.M. received a very nice Yankee Candle as a Christmas present from a very loyal employee. These candles can be quite expensive! T.... Read more →

clam bumping

Boss Likes Clams

Today my stupid boss proudly announced that she collected over 20 pounds of clams while “clam bumping” at the beach yesterday. I really hope she... Read more →

st pete

Grand Pricks

Today my boss received a reminder in the mail to buy tickets to the St. Petersburg Grand Prix. This is a car race that happens... Read more →

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Soda can explodes while opening

Soda Exploder

My idiot boss loaded our breakroom fridge with soda last week. He wanted them to chill quickly, so he set the thermostat down to zero.... Read more →


Burnt Popcorn

A few months back my supervisor burnt popcorn. A few years back, she set the microwave on fire. She has a masters degree but can’t... Read more →

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