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clam bumping

Boss Likes Clams

Today my stupid boss proudly announced that she collected over 20 pounds of clams while “clam bumping” at the beach yesterday. I really hope she... Read more →

st pete

Grand Pricks

Today my boss received a reminder in the mail to buy tickets to the St. Petersburg Grand Prix. This is a car race that happens... Read more →


Magic Hot Water

Good news – My company is expanding. Bad news – My boss is part of that expansion. We just moved into new office space after... Read more →


Toilet Maps

My boss tries hard. He really does. But there are just some people in the world that genuinely surprise you, that they haven’t already accidentally... Read more →

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Who Am I?

So one of my coworkers had to give a phone call to my boss and my boss told me to answer it. She then proceeded... Read more →


Burnt Popcorn

A few months back my supervisor burnt popcorn. A few years back, she set the microwave on fire. She has a masters degree but can’t... Read more →


Where Eggs Come From

We were all laughing at the way that general stupidity has led to some great discoveries, when I said, “What I want to know is... Read more →

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