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Boss loves to email things out repeatedly, but never bothers to read anything she gets. Today she just sent out a form insisting we fill... Read more →


Candle Crisis

For Christmas, T.M. received a very nice Yankee Candle as a Christmas present from a very loyal employee. These candles can be quite expensive! T.... Read more →

clam bumping

Boss Likes Clams

Today my stupid boss proudly announced that she collected over 20 pounds of clams while “clam bumping” at the beach yesterday. I really hope she... Read more →

st pete

Grand Pricks

Today my boss received a reminder in the mail to buy tickets to the St. Petersburg Grand Prix. This is a car race that happens... Read more →

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Obama Day Federal Holiday

I work at a start-up company that helps students find and register for financial aid. We’ve only been in business since November, so nearly everything... Read more →


The N-Word

During a budget meeting last week, our new head of accounting detailed his plan for drastic cost-cutting. He’s European, specifically Scottish. He made the mistake... Read more →

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